Wish List Part 2

This is just going to be an ongoing series. Will my audience care about this particular segment? I'm thinking maybe not. But, this seems to be a popular blog topic, so I'm going to continue to participate. Plus, It's like coming up with a Christmas list all the time, and I love that! 

So, without further ado, here is my Wish List for this week. =] (All previous Wish Lists are still in effect.)

1. Burberry My Burberry Perfume - I found a sample of this online for like $2.00 to try out. It smells like Fall! I absolutely adore this new scent from Burberry and can't wait to place a bottle on my vanity. (Even the BF liked it - and that's saying something!) 

2. Ultimate Disney Classic Charm Bracelet - So apparently, this bracelet looks better in the pictures than it does in real life due to each charm being hand painted. Even with that knowledge, it's still the best "all things disney" bracelet/piece of jewelry I've seen. I have zero issues wearing it every day and being that annoying jingly person.

3.  Macbook Pro - I'm currently typing on the computer I bought myself my freshmen year of college. Remember the white macbooks? Neither does a lot of other people. I have to say, she still holds her battery charge like a champ. But she's slow and outdated. I need an updated model complete with adobe creative suite and the ability to connect to my apple tv. Come on lottery win.. 

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