Wish List 3 - Disney Edition

If this is your first time visiting my blog, let me first say Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I hope I can entertain you a bit while you're here. 

Next, I should inform you that I’m a huge Disney fan. I’m not even sure if “fan” is a strong enough word - It’s more of  a lifestyle. I was able to spend Christmas 2014 at the Magic Kingdom and it was quite literally a dream come true. (To read about that excursion, click here.) However, I wasn’t counting on the incessant need to buy everything… I wanted it all. But, turns out, when you over-pack to begin with, it leaves very little room to bring new things home. And you most definitely won’t be under that 50 lb luggage weight limit.  So at some point, you just stop yourself from going into a gift shop – only to be left wishing you had purchased that charm bracelet with no hope of doing so because you’re stuck in Kansas.

Yes, most of the products can be found online, but quite a few can’t. For example, the Lumiere figurine can't be found online, and the one my bf bought me broke on our trip home. How was I going to replace him? (The Lumiere, not the bf. I'll keep the bf.). Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the reason I will be perpetually broke… Pixie Purchases with April. This wonderful Disney Pixie and her family will go to the parks and make purchases on your behalf. All you need are Facebook and a PayPal account. Oh, and a list.

So, in addition to the new Lumiere, I present to you my newest Wish List – Disney Parks Edition.

Disney Wish List


1.     Disney Pandora Charm Bracelet – The regret I have of not getting a charm bracelet while I was at Disney World is extreme. I didn’t think the Pandora Charm Bracelets were for me... then I joined April’s Facebook group and now I want all the charms. I just saw the sneak peak of Spring 2015 collection and there aren’t enough words to describe how magical they all are. This just has to happen. *fingers crossed boyfriend reads blog and remembers that Valentine's Day is really soon. * 

2.     Charm Bracelet Option 2 – So apparently, all throughout Disney Parks gift shops, there are charm stations. Hundreds of charms waiting to join your collection. I like the idea of this cheaper charm bracelet to go along with our Pin Trading addiction. Every time I go to the parks, I’ll get a few new charms for my bracelet and a few new pins for my lanyard. But did I remember to get the charm bracelet? No. So I’ll probably have to have April grab me a bracelet and a few charms to get me started.

3.     Dooney and Bourke Disney – I don’t think an explanation is needed. This one you actually can buy online, but if you already have a list of things for April to get, might as well add this to it.

4.     Disney Starbucks Tumblers and Mugs – Starbucks and Disney announced these Disney Parks themed Mugs and Tumblers, and half of them went on sale January 20, 2015. I can technically take these off my Wish List, because April already picked up the clear tumbler for me, but since I still need the white tumbler (which hasn’t been released yet) I’m keeping it on here. Starbucks was the longest line I waited in while at Disney, and I almost saved the cup because I loved the design on it. Glad I didn’t, this option is much more sanitary and permanent. (I didn't include a picture of the mugs, but you can click here to see them.) 

5.     Disney Gourmet Dishes – How do you know when you are officially an adult? Is it when you want things like dishes? I’m not sure if this counts… the only reason I want them is because they have Mickey on them. Also, there was a brief moment when I wondered aloud if this was like picking out wedding china… I’m not ready to be an adult. Those bowls look like they will hold my spaghettios quite nicely.  (These are available to purchase online ).

6.     Precious Moments Disney Princesses – I used to collect Precious Moments dolls as a kid. My mom had all my “Baby’s First's” themed with precious moments figurines. So, when I saw the Precious Moments Disney Princesses at the Christmas store in Epcot - USA, my heart melted a little bit. However, I had no idea how to get them home, so I thought I would order them online. I can’t find them anywhere! Once again, I find myself thanking Sorcerer Mickey I found Pixie Purchases with April.

If you’d like to find out more about how Pixie Purchases with April works, visit her Facebook page. It’s a delightful experience, you wont be disappointed! 

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