Chandler predicts Ebola Outbreak.

I had every intention of deep cleaning my house this weekend. The bf said he wanted to go to IKEA in a few weeks and I need to make room for our inevitable purchases. 

But then on Sarurday I was robbed, so that sort of ruined my plans. (note the heavy sarcasm). I walked out to my car and found it odd that the door to my jeep was unlocked and then looked with horror at all of the contents of my center console all over the front seat. My beautiful Michael Kors purse was stolen (No I did not leave it there on purpose), as was my Mom's Singer Sewing Machine. They also made off with my credit cards, check book, ID, insurance cards, auxiliary chords and more. Canceling everything and filing police reports took up the rest of the day. 

So Sunday, I decided to binge watch Friends on Netflix. I'm currently watching season 2 and found this gem. How did I forget that Chandler Bing predicted the Ebola outbreak?!?!