#StarWars #ForceAwakens #NoSpoilers

23 hours. That's how long I spent in a theater, counting down to the Star Wars The Force Awakens Galaxy Premier. AMC theaters started the celebration at 1:00 AM with Episide 1 and showed all 6 episodes before releasing Episode 7. And, let me just say, seeing the original 3 on that big screen was amazing! After watching the 6 out of the 7, I made this proclamation on Facebook:

  1. I need Queen Amadala's Wardrobe
  2. Solo is my favorite character
  3. Still not clear where we stand on using  feelings and being a Jedi  
  4. I should probably have an EWOK
  5. I could not be more excited for The Force Awakens   

I won't share my opinions on the movie yet, as I don't want to deny anyone the experience I had. All I will say is, go now and see it! And I want a BB-8.