I've Been Baubled

If you haven't heard of or visited the BAUBLEBAR website, you may not want to continue reading. I'm about to show you things that will keep you up at night, staring at your bank account wondering which meal you can go without because you JUST HAVE TO HAVE that $45 necklace.

This will be a life changer for you. I myself am tormented by Baubles regularly. Yet, I somehow always managed to resist the urge to buy anything from the website. I'm not sure how. My online shopping addiction is so strong I consider it an actual part of my personality now. (Yeah, it's morphed). Shoes, sweaters, sequins leggings - I buy it all without a second thought online. Yet somehow, jewelry is the one thing that I can resist online - but not in stores. But yesterday at around 2:30 pm... that all changed.

As a digital marketing consultant, I'm savvy to the ways of Facebook promoted posts and PPC ads. I've sold quite a few packages that include these very techniques. So when I'm Googling christmas presents I intend to purchase, I'm not surprised when they show up in my newsfeed 4 minutes later. However, Bauble Bar got me good. I didn't even visit the site, yet there it was in all it's glory. A promoted post promising Baubles at $15.

I clicked.

And it was true.

And my shopping cart was full.

If you've contemplated buying Baubles of your own - GO RIGHT NOW. Click the Holiday Tab and then click Stocking Stuffers - these "buried baubles" are begging to adorn your person. 

Here's what I splurged on. (Caity, if you read this, you may be getting some for Christmas. I need to justify the impulse spend.) 

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1. Pearl & Chain Pull Bracelet - Originally $32 - Sale $10! | 2. Petite Tailfeather Collar - Originally $44 - Sale $20! | 3. Lady's Slipper  Collar - Originally $44 - Sale $15! | 4. Aston Pendant - Originally $36 - Sale $15 | 5. Round Gem Studs - Originally $32 - Sale $10 | 6. Ice Geo Cuff - Originally $32 - Sale $15


Wish List - Part 1

Let's talk about the things I'm trying to convince myself not to buy, shall we? I do accept cash donations to enable my online shopping habit. Just shoot me an email. =]

1. Michael Kors Greenwhich Crossbody Bag. I want all the Michael Kors things... but I'm crushing hard on this purse right now. 

2. I've been obsessing over fur lately. And have talked myself out of buying SEVERAL fur coats. I was on the point of giving in, when a glorious event occurred. I went home last weekend to see Mom and guess what I found in the garage? A full length reversible white Tibetan mountain goat fur coat. Words can't describe how ridiculously excited I am for this new wardrobe staple. As soon as I can save the $100 to have it cleaned and restored there will be pictures. If, for some reason, your mother isn't storing a perfectly glamorous fur coat in her garage, you can get the white fur coat here, and the black fur cape here

3. See #2.

4.  Erin Condren Party Pops Life Planner. realize that as a Digital Marketing Consultant, it is odd to want a physical paper planner. But, I NEED this in my life. It has everything! It's the perfect size to keep my work life and personal life organized. And you may not know this about me, but I absolutely need that. It's been sitting in my shopping cart for 3 months. I'm thinking it will be my first purchase of 2015.   

5. Etsy KitschyKooDesign "She Leaves a Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes" necklace. I'm in love with this necklace. Big revelation! I enjoy things that sparkle. And this quote just might be my life motto. 

6. Patten Ugg Boot. The only Ugg Boot I have ever wanted was the Maylin Ugg Boot, which unfortunately was discontinued. (At least I think it was... it doesn't exist on the website.) So I  was beyond thrilled when I saw that Ugg released the Patten! It's the same basic design, just a little less bulky. Fingers crossed these end up under the tree!  

7.  Disney Princesses as Vogue Covers. Stumbled across these gems on Pinterest one day. I want all of the Disney Vogue prints in frames on my walls. However, I can't get DanteTyler to return my messages... Any artists out there that can recreate them for me? =]

8. Restoration Hardware Grand - Scale Arm Slipcovered Sofa. I am in search of the perfect couch. I spend a lot of time playing video games and binging on Netflix, so the perfect couch is one of the top 3 most important pieces of furniture in my apartment. I had it narrowed down to this one and one from Crate & Barrel, but after extensive research, this guy won out. And the best part? It's on sale right now! Only $1400 - $2700. #why 

9. Cakeworthy Pumpkin Coach Hoodie. This combines my favorite things!! Disney and Fashion?!?! Plus, it will be perfect for my pending Disney trip! #16days. 

10. Neff Mickey Sweatshirt. I don't usually want to wear clothing with cartoons characters on them. But, the way this shirt is designed is flawless. 

11. Kevin Murphy Plumping.Line. I'm paranoid that I'm losing hair. This remarkable line boasts the same powers as that magical eyelash growth serum, while also strengthening current and future hairs. I did try out the Bodymass spray and saw minimal results with that. But, there was enough of a difference that I want to try the whole system .

And so it begins

Well I finally figured out how to merge domain names and perfect the little coding knowledge I have. The Website is live and the blogging will commence. This effectively ends all posting on justaddglitter.blog.com. Don't be sad, the site was down most days and I couldn't post.. not a huge loss. However, feel free to visit the old site to see what you've missed. No need to follow the Just Add Glitter social media accounts. Just follow me! 

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