Finding the YA section

So after reading "The Blonde" I needed to find something a little less intense. And like magic, I found the Young Adult section. I feel comfortable admitting to you all that Young Adult may be my favorite genre of books. I'm so owning 24 years old.

This is a four book series, a super fast read, and I thoroughly enjoyed diving into Zara's adventures. The similarities between Need and Twilight are numerous and obvious, and I may or may not have pictured Taylor Lautner for one of the characters. As mentioned in a previous post, I live in a fairytale, so books about magical beings and mythical lands are right up my ally. Plus, I was pleasantly surprised to NOT be reading about vampires (I did not see the mythical creature of choice coming). Our main character, Zara, is independent and strong - and I feel like those who hated Bella, would hate Zara a little less. There were quite a few twists and turns, and by the time I got to the last book, I was quite literally in a different world. 

The story isn't deep or world changing, but it's a fun-get-lost-for-the-night read. There were a few holes and jumps and things that were never resolved. (Nothing major, I just read books like most people watch movies, so the little things bug me.) The writing style was conversational and at time the sentences were long and confusing. However, none of this stopped me from reading the 4 books. Fans of Twilight would appreciate this series as a break from rereading Twilight for the 400th time. 

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