I've entered Fae Heaven

I returned the Need Series and was still on this magical mythical kick. I went back to the same section I found Need and began searching for my new book. (Is there really anything better? It's so exciting!) This trip was especially exciting, because I wasn't flying solo. As my friend and I foraged the shelves, we quickly realized we had a problem. There we found ourselves, sitting on the library floor with book after book surrounding us. Every book series we had picked out was based in a Fae realm - and we weren't upset about it. While "The Iron Kind" series looked intriguing, I wasn't ready to dive into a seven book series. So picked up a one time book called "Wondrous Strange" - which ended up actually being the first book in a 3 part series. 

Before I picked up this book, I had no knowledge of Auberon, Titania, Mabh, the 4 seasons courts, changelings, Puck etc. I somehow missed the whole Midsummer Night's Dream thing (And I have a minor in English...). Lesley does a wonderful job filling you in and immersing you in this world. The writing and story line is so fluid and natural that I was actually sad when the series ended. It's been weeks since I've read this series, and I probably think about Sonny and Kelley every day. There was suspense, love, humor, and most importantly a story line that I cared about and wanted to see through. The best part? It looks like some company scored the tv rights to the storyline, so hopefully, I can add this to my Netflix queue. AND while copying the link to Lesley Livingston's website, I noticed there is another series - The Never Series - that she wrote that I will also have to read in the very very near future. 

I highly recommend this series. 

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