Reading with jordan

Well, I joined the public library. My world has changed. It's got to be in my top 5 favorite places of all time. I started my adventure in the section my library calls the "Fiction Loop." Basically, the fiction section surrounds the entire top floor. Now, I hadn't read anything since re-reading Harry Potter and Twilight for the 324512th time, so I was bold, and wen with "The Blonde".

Let me preface this review by saying, I prefer to live in a fantasy world of sunshine and sparkles. I don't like to watch movies that are going to be too intense and the same goes for reading. So this book was a little "Adult" for me. That being said, I absolutely love stories that take a very small part of fact and rewrite the history. (I'm actually working on something similar). So, this whole story line of Marilyn Monroe being a total badass? Hell yeah! Following Marilyn take on/work with the KGB was fascinating. Plus, I appreciate when a book is well written, and this book hits the marks. I could have done without the incessant sex scenes, but to each their own. I would absolutely recommend this book - just beware sex, violence, language and adult themes. 

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