Looking for inspiration - (What I'm currently reading)

Before I jump into "The Iron King" series, I really felt like I needed to be inspired. There are 2 major projects that I've started and never finished. 1. Writing a complete book. 2. Creating my own wardrobe. (maybe not an entire wardrobe.) I have random ideas and short stories written for #1 but nothing that's moving anywhere. As for #2, I have several designs and patterns drawn up, I just don't have a way to create them just yet. To top it all off, I entered the unavoidable 20-something - question - everything phase. What am I doing? I went to school for this? How exactly do you grocery shop? So I grabbed three books to inspire and set me on a determined path. I haven't started reading them yet, but I am very excited!

EDIT: So I couldn't finish #GIRLBOSS. The message was good and the story line fine, but it felt a little... condescending? I was constantly being told "I'm not going to tell you how to make money" in the book, yet dollar signs appeared a lot. I made it halfway and didn't feel like I was getting any sort of advice from the author. What I did takeaway, I could have gotten from a google search and read on wikipedia. SO that one was returned without being finished.

Stephen's King book was excellent. In fact, I bought it. I found myself wanting to bend the pages and highlight passages, so I bought my own copy so I can go back to it over and over again. My purpose for this book and "The Writer's Journey" were to learn. So I'm treating them more like text books.