Welcome to my website! Here you will find a collection of writing samples. Also, please check out my blog for even more of my writings. (Many of them are about Disney!) Thank you for your consideration! Have a Magical Day!


Storybook resume

Let's start with my storybook resume. That's right! I turned my resume into a fairytale. I hope you enjoy it!


Beauty and the Beast

This piece of writing was for a college English class. The topic was Fairytales, and I had a blast delving into the history of Beauty and the Beast. Even though my professor said this was much more conversational (my preferred writing type) than most analytical papers, she enjoyed it, and the paper received an "A". 


The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

This is just a small portion of a long college paper analyzing the poem, 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.' My class and professor believed this poem to be about suicide and depression. I had a completely different take on the poem, so I rewrote it as a prose piece to help demonstrate my opinion. I took out the lengthy analytical part, and have just provided the poem rewrite I did. If you would like the full paper, just let me know! If you are not familiar with the poem, read it first here


Ash and Earth Organics Blog

I recently began working with a new client, Ash and Earth Organics. It is a brand new natural skin care line based out of Texas. In addition to handling the Facebook page, I am also beginning to write blogs for them. These are the first two I have written. I'm attaching the PDF version, because as of today, Ash and Earth does not have them posted to the website yet. (You will see the notes to link to products instead of actual links. I will link on the website!) For these blogs, the company provides the topics and I provide the research and the writing. 

Just a few more... 

Finally, on my resume attached to the email I sent, you will find a list of social media accounts I manage that could also serve as "mini writing samples." And, don't forget to check out my blogs!  I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading!