I work with incredible people that make my job an absolute blast. Lucky for me, they like working with me too, and are kind enough to share their opinions. If you are looking for proof that working with me is the right choice for you and your business, just check out these testimonials.


Jordan has been managing our social media accounts for about 6 months now. In that time we’ve seen exponential growth in our followers, content, and interactions with customers. Her work ethic and knowledge of the platforms is outstanding. We are overwhelmingly pleased with her service!
— Jason Gaborie | President | Green Factor Insulation
“Jordan Decker is a rock star. She knows social media inside and out. So why wouldn’t you hire her?”
— Dennis Snodgrass | President & Managing Broker | McGrew Real Estate, Inc
“I keep getting very positive feedback from everyone on my website. It is professional and something that I can be very proud of. I hope to continue doing business with [Jordan] in the future.
— Debbie Deere | Candidate for Kansas State Representative 40th District
As a business owner, making the decision to move forward in an effort to put an emphasis on social media has proved to be incredibly valuable. Utilizing social media channels as advertising sources in the world of business today is not only a smart choice, but an obvious one. We all know the immense power held by word of mouth advertising and the impact it is capable of, which is multiplied repeatedly throughout the world of social networking. In my opinion, allocating funds towards expanding a business through social media is far more valuable than any other form of advertisement. The key to success through these means is simply to have the very best person making the moves, calling the shots, holding the reins, you get my point.

My discovering, and working with Jordan has been no less than the best choice I could have made. Jordan is certainly all that she promises to be, yet much more. She possesses all of the qualities and talents that are essential for one in this position. She is young and hip, yet mature and incredibly organized. She, in my opinion and without a doubt, speaks “Social-ese” or “The Social Media World Language” quite fluently. I have felt on many occasions that I am her only client, which certainly is not the case, however she makes herself always available and is very prompt and punctual. The brainstorming sessions we have had tell me just how creative and dedicated to the success of my business she is, not to mention how much research she has obviously done to familiarize herself with the industry of my business.

If you are searching for “the” person to manage your social media channels, to write your blogs, or to consult with on like matters I highly suggest you end the search now and contact this woman.
If you are in a position where you are questioning whether or not having a professional like Jordan on your team is necessary, send that email or make the call. I am confident that Jordan will, by whatever means necessary, answer your questions and show you all of the same excellence that she has for me.
— Ashley Banning | Owner/Founder | Ash & Earth Organics

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