When Online Shopping Fails

LOL... As if online shopping could ever truly fail you. I'm a self-proclaimed online shopping addict. I'm genuinely sad when I return home after work and there isn't a present that I've ordered for myself waiting at my door. They say retail therapy is cheaper than a psychologist... my bank account would beg to differ.

So it was after a particularly stressful day at work that ended with ZERO packages waiting at my front door, that I took to the internet to find the perfect top to wear with my new jeans. (I bought the jeans IRL, because, you know, priorities.) I probably spent hours scouring the internet. Nothing. And then it hit me.. make it yourself! So I found an old notebook and I started sketching. I have no idea the "proper" way to do said sketches. But, I now have a notebook completely full of designs for my new wardrobe. The next step? Invest in a sewing machine. I hope to post my attempts at clothes making here when ever that comes to be. I had a quick sewing lesson with my mom recently, it's going to be a challenge. #bringiton